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Welcome to trÉidlia biovet Specialists in Veterinary Biotechnology

Manufacturers of Specialty Veterinary Vaccines. R&D and Diagnostic Services. Your partner in Animal Health. Servicing all Animal Industries.

About Us Welcome to Tréidlia Biovet

Welcome to Tréidlia Biovet, Australia’s leading provider of specialty veterinary vaccines and biotechnology products. Helping you to solve problems in Animal Health and Welfare. We understand the difficulties veterinarians, farm managers and researchers face in the field every day trying to keep their animals healthy and productive. Whether it be difficult to control diseases, emerging new diseases, food safety concerns, welfare issues, the need to reduce antibiotic use, production issues or conserving wildlife, we can help.

What we do Our Products

Tréidlia Biovet makes a range of innovative, customised, boutique biotechnology based products for animals. Specialty vaccines can make a targeted contribution to solving problems in Animal Health and Environmental Protection.

Bacterial Vaccines

Tréidlia Biovet makes a range of bacterial vaccines against common endemic bacterial...

Recombinant Vaccines

Tréidlia Biovet makes a range of recombinant vaccines for specific diseases.

Viral Vaccines

Tréidlia Biovet has the capacity to make specialty viral vaccines.


Tréidlia Biovet makes a range of vaccines products for zoos and wildlife.

Our Services

Tréidlia Biovet provides customised services to Veterinarians, Agribusiness, Research Institutions and other Animal Health companies. These include Diagnostic Services, R&D Services and Contract manufacturing. Contact us for more info.

Diagnostic Services

Tréidlia Biovet provides a range of diagnostic services including isolation of pathogens, identification tests such as PCR, subtyping of isolates, ELISA monitoring of antibody titres and Salmonella monitoring.

Research & Development

Tréidlia Biovet conducts significant internal R&D activities. We also work with our scientific and research partners under long term or short term collaborative partnerships.

Contract Manufacturing

Tréidlia Biovet provides contract manufacturing services for other organisations in appropriate circumstances. Scope of work can include product manufacture up to release for sale, intermediate product manufacture, sterile filling and/or QC testing.

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contact us For More Information

We are available to assist you in controlling problems in Animal Health and related areas. Please contact us for a confidential discussion as to how our innovative customised biotechnology and life science products and services might be useful in your circumstances.